The museum reaches over 10,000 visitors annually. While some visit our exhibit gallery on their own schedules, others come for programs, workshops, and events that we offer throughout the year. Programs are offered both for adults and for children and youth groups. Our "Public Education Program" outreach offerings for schools (which we began in 1978 and we continually update) are especially popular and well-attended each year. These units have been designed to mesh with the social studies and science curricula of Rhode Island public school systems. Preschool through grade 6 most usually participate in these enrichment outreach offerings, though middle school classes and high school and college students also utilize the upper level offerings on topics such as diversity. Our most popular "Public Education Program" units are listed below.

Programs and Workshops for
Classes, Schools and Educators

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Public Education Program
The following is a brief listing of our current educational units, programs and workshops:

Native Americans
(preschool-grade 6)
In this workshop, children handle authentic tools, grind corn as Native Americans did, create a craft related to the class. The craft is used to illustrate themes discussed during an introductory "circle time." Grades 3 and up are offered a "Treasure Hunt" to highlight specific objects in our collection.

Early Rhode Island Life (grades 4-6)
Come learn about prehistoric life in Rhode Island from 10,000 years ago to the time of Roger Williams. Students compare and contrast these changing lifeways with our own as they handle stone artifacts and work with ancient tools.

Archaeology (grades 5 and up)
This workshop allows students to be archaeologists as they participate in a hands-on dig with artifacts in excavation boxes.

The Worlds of Africa (grades 2-6)
After looking and learning about some of the various cultures of this vast continent, students view West African masks and our "Visible Spirits" exhibit and participate in a mask-making activity.

Ancient Egypt (grades 4-6)
The achievements of this ancient civilization are discussed. Our word "paper" comes from the word "papyrus." Students learn about one of the first writing systems and how it differs from our own writing system.

Dinosaurs and Fossils (preschool-grade 4)
Students touch fossils from the time of the dinosaurs and learn about some of their favorite "terrible lizards." They then will make their own "fossil" and glimpse the paleontologists' world as they excavate a dig box.

The Inuit (preschool - grade 4)
Spend a cold winter's day learning about the Native People of Alaska and Canada. Learn about how they survive the extreme climate of the Arctic.

The Community Walking Tour:
The Culture and Ethnicity of Historic Peace Dale
(grades 2 - adult)
Step back into the prosperous early days of Peace Dale, Rhode Island. This Walking Tour covers the history of the buildings, businesses and people in this glimpse into the history of a southern New England mill village.

Any of our programs can be piggybacked with the Walking Tour to accommodate more than one class. Most of our workshops can be tailored to meet your curriculum needs. We have many ideas for activities to enhance each visit. Let us know how we can best meet your class's interests and needs. Call us today and reserve your date and choice of program. If you have a specific area of study you can ask to speak with us to create your unique museum experience.

Program Cost
The cost for each program is $4.00 - $6.00 per child.
The minimum charge for groups is $30.00.
Traveling programs require an additional $50.00 travel fee.

Program Length
Preschool and Kindergarten: 35-40 minutes
Grade 1 and up: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Programs and Workshops
Members and Adults:

Events are scheduled on a quarterly basis. They are announced and circulated through press releases to local newspapers and through the museum's newsletter "Primitive Pieces," which is mailed quarterly to the museum's current membership base.
Categories of programs include:

• a monthly Lecture Series between Labor Day and Memorial   Day which features guest speakers who are well-known   authorities on various aspects of early societies from   various parts of the world

• periodic Brown Bag Luncheon programs, workshops, an   annual Garden Tour, and  walking tours

• periodic bus trips to view special exhibits at art and cultural   museums in New England, like Boston's Museum of Fine   Arts and Museum of Science, Yale University Art Gallery,   Rhode Island School of Design Art Museum, and others

Programs and Workshops
for Children, School Groups,
Scouts and Youth Groups

The museum's Public Education Program and its outreach units are described above. In addition, we offer:

• periodic after-school or weekend workshops

• daily "Discovery Month" programs in November and April,   sponsored by the Rotary Club of Wakefield and American   Power Conversion

• special Vacation Programs in February and April,   sponsored by American Power Conversion

• seasonal programs like weeklong summer Mini-Camp   programs

check with the museum for
current offerings (401) 783-5711


Museum outreach programs have received recognition, commendations, endorsements and awards from organizations including the Rotary Club of Wakefield, South Kingstown Lions Club, Narragansett Lions Club, the Rhode Island Foundation, RI State Council on the Arts, RI Council for the Humanities, Champlin Foundations, Rhode Island Parent's Paper, Yankee Magazine - Editor's Choice, the Governor of Rhode Island, American Power Conversion, and others.

For more information
contact the Museum of Primitive Art and Culture:
(401) 783-5711
1058 Kingstown Road, Suite 5, Peace Dale, RI 02879
or visit us at:
1058 Kingstown Road, Suite 4, (Route 108)

Kids, have you visited our museum and have you met Kenny, our huge Alaskan moose? When you visit, you also will enjoy seeing our real Eskimo kayak. You can grind corn the native way and will love our hand-on exhibits and "Discovery Drawers" like "Tools" and "Dolls from Around the World."

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